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Serenity Fabric & Wallpaper offer

In February, we gave you the exciting news that we had reduced the retail price of our Serenity fabric.
Today we have more exciting news! Due to the popularity of the offer, we have decided to extend the offer indefinitely. Therefore the RRP of £29.00  (inc VAT) will remain until further notice.
The good news doesn’t stop there- we have also amended the offer to now include our beautiful Serenity wallpaper collection.
The new reduced RRP of the Metallic paper (Theoropoda, Lily & Lily Batik) is now £59.00 (inc VAT), and the non-metallic (Decking & Ticking stripe) is £57.00 (inc VAT)
Theropoda grey Wallpaper LifestyleTicking stripe poppy-mint 1 Wallpaper Lifestyle
Lily sky Wallpaper LifestyleTicking stripe poppy-mint 2 Wallpaper Lifestyle Lily batik sky Wallpaper Lifestyle
 All designs and colourways are part of the offer – including the Pantone colour(s) of the year Pink & Sky which have received some brilliant press coverage over that past few months.
We hold all of the designs in stock and can be aim for same day dispatch so browse the collection and place any orders asap- when its gone the offer will end!
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Cambridge Mag Jan 16

Cambridge Magazine, January 2016

Following Pantone’s announcement late last year, Cambridge Magazine are highlighting how to use the 2 colours (Quartz and Sky) in the home. Firstly, looking at quartz. Weather it is a subtle hint using accessories, or full on pink walls and curtains, its certain the beautiful shade of pink is going nowhere soon! Our Serenity checks and stripes fabric in Pink with co-ordinating Serenity Theoropda Wallpaper looks stunning in any bedroom. Also, continuing the ‘ombre’ trend, is our Dierama Luxor fabric in Porcelain, which looks would create a statement in any home.

KBB Jan 2016

Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms, January 2016

In the third feature in the January edition of the magazine, our Theoropda Wallpaper appears in the wallpaper focus section. The geometric design of this paper is very on trend at the moment, and in the ever popular grey & metalic colouring, it continues to keep the grey interior trend going well into 2016.

All of our Serenity Wallpapers can be found in the wallpaper category of our website


Using colour in the home; a Demonstration by Designers Guild

On Friday 20th November, Claire & Sally from Designers Guild visited our Cambridgeshire showroom to give a demonstration of their paints and to show how to co-ordinate them with their fabrics and wallpapers.
The day was very inspirational indeed! We learnt a lot about colour co-ordinating, current trends and the difference between ‘warm’ ‘cool’ and ‘clear’ colours and how they should be used in the home to create different effects.
Although there are no strict ‘rules’ when adding colour to your home – ultimately your choice is down to personal taste and your level of confidence you have using certain colours / styles! Here at Barker & Barker, we believe that your home should be an expression of your own personality and you should create moods for spaces that you really want to live in. However, Designers Guild had some tips that should be used as a guide and Claire from DG described them very well.
To summarise quickly, they separate their paint colours into 3 groups

  1. Cool
  2. Clear
  3. Warm

These can create different effects in different rooms. For example, if you have a room that is dark and doesn’t get much sunlight, try using a ‘warm’ colour to create a lighter effect in the room.

They then separate the groups into neutrals and Brights.

Cool Neutrals – have blue or grey tones. They work well in light-filled rooms.
Warm Neutrals – have a creamy yellow-tinged base and add depth and warmth to a room. Good to use in north facing rooms.
Clear Neutrals – provide a flat wash of true colour, use them anywhere for a crisp finish.
Cool Brights – provide a lively vibrant finish and work well in light-filled rooms.
Warm Brights – these are richer in their base tone and have a warm depth and strength of colour.
Clear Brights – crisp and with a well defined clarity. They work well everywhere.

It really is amazing how many different shades of white and grey (Cool Neutrals) there are – it’s only when you see them in different rooms and next to different fabrics that you realise this and can actually see the difference!

Claire & Sally bought along some beautiful fabrics and wallpapers to demonstrate this with great effect, there were many ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhhs’ when different colour paints were also introduced!



The afternoon was continued with the chance for everyone to put what had learnt into practice by creating mood boards using various Designers Guild paint and fabric samples.


Many people commented on the fact they now felt braver with colour and felt more confident to use bolder shades, knowing they can co-ordinate it with a calmer fabric or wallpaper and their mood boards certainly reflected this!
And after so much creativity everyone was rewarded with delicious cakes!


We would like to thank Sally & Claire from Designers Guild for giving us the presentation – it was a real insight into how the paints are created and provided everyone with lots of ideas to take home and put into practice. The afternoon was such a success we are hoping to hold more paint workshops in the New Year. If you missed out this time, watch this space for further announcements!




Angelinas Casa A/W Trends 2015

Janet spoke to Angelias Casa Blog recently about the Hexagonal Trend that has become popular this season, and notes that ‘Hexagonal Designs have been used for decorative items for thousands of years and are about to make a comeback incorporating bright bold colours.’ Barker & Barkers Wallpaper Theoropda in Pink and Fabric Amelia in Lime taken from our Premier collection fit beautifully within this trend and the blog notes that ‘The Polygon ‘hive’ style feels modern yet organic, giving a timeless feel.’


Cambridge Magazine, June 2015

Our striking Decking Stripe Wallpaper in Poppy is featured in this months ‘Get in Line’ feature.

Like they say in the feature, ‘Stripes rarely fall out of design favour and this season they are bigger and better than ever.’ We couldn’t have put it better ourselves!