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Spring Pastel Interior Trends, 2016

With London Fashion Week coming to a close a couple of weeks ago, now is a really good time to have a look at trends that are being duplicated in fashion and in the world of interior design. The interior design community often looks at the current fashion trends and styles and often draws inspiration from the different colour pallets being used during the event.



With spring on the horizon, the trend for pastel shades was very fitting at this years Fashion week and it is a trend that is very strongly being mirrored in the world of interiors. This may be due to Pantone announcing that Rose Quartz and Sky were its colours of 2016. The 2 shades have gained an almost instant popularity as a result. Pink, in particular has gained great credibility- it is no longer banished to a babies nursery or little girls ‘princess’ bedrooms, but is now being used along side the ever popular grey in living areas to create contrast, and give it a more ‘grown up’ look.



Barker & Barkers designer, Janet Dixon notes that ‘Using a pale grey as the dominant colour, the addition of an understated bright yellow will create a focal point within the interior. Mixing different patterns using a soft palette can create a vibrant feel without making an interior feel chaotic.’

Grey chair

Source: Barker & Barker, Serenity Collection

Pastel shades work perfectly with another interior trend on SS16 with is the use of metallics. Whether is with accessories or textiles, shades of silver, copper and gold are being widely used to co-ordinate a pastel colour scheme. Pink and copper, blue with silver, mint with bronze are being paired together more and more – a quick Pinterest search brings up hundreds of results already!

Pastel shades are often complemented by darker shades were widely used on the catwalks of London Fashion Week. Purple proved a very popular colour and this can easily be replicated in the home. Try using soft pastel shades of pink or lilac along side a deep aubergine purple with metallic accents. It is important to remember to keep the bold colours minimal- you don’t want to overuse it and drown out the accent lighter shades altogether. Such as the case with clothes and fashion, layering can also be used in the home. Try using the lighter pastel shades in patterned cushions and curtains, co-ordinated with metallic light fittings and keep the dark statement colour to one wall.


Source: Designers Guild, Alexandra, Amethyst