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Serenity Fabric & Wallpaper offer

In February, we gave you the exciting news that we had reduced the retail price of our Serenity fabric.
Today we have more exciting news! Due to the popularity of the offer, we have decided to extend the offer indefinitely. Therefore the RRP of £29.00  (inc VAT) will remain until further notice.
The good news doesn’t stop there- we have also amended the offer to now include our beautiful Serenity wallpaper collection.
The new reduced RRP of the Metallic paper (Theoropoda, Lily & Lily Batik) is now £59.00 (inc VAT), and the non-metallic (Decking & Ticking stripe) is £57.00 (inc VAT)
Theropoda grey Wallpaper LifestyleTicking stripe poppy-mint 1 Wallpaper Lifestyle
Lily sky Wallpaper LifestyleTicking stripe poppy-mint 2 Wallpaper Lifestyle Lily batik sky Wallpaper Lifestyle
 All designs and colourways are part of the offer – including the Pantone colour(s) of the year Pink & Sky which have received some brilliant press coverage over that past few months.
We hold all of the designs in stock and can be aim for same day dispatch so browse the collection and place any orders asap- when its gone the offer will end!
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Eddie Meer room

How to use Grey in Children’s Decor & Interiors

Its safe to say now that 2016 has well and truly started and Christmas seems like a lifetime ago already!

Here at Barker & Barker we have been taking a look at the forthcoming trends for this year. Pantone announced their colour (s) of the year in December and they have been received incredibly well by the world of interiors. The Soft Shade of Rose Quartz combined with the cool copper metallic shades have already featured heavily in editorial in many of the glossy magazines, and it can give the often described ‘baby pink’ a bit of a grown up make over.

With that in mind maybe its time to reverse some of the ‘grown up’ shades and incorporate them into children’s room décor!

The many different shades of grey do not seem to be going any where any time soon, and may seem like a bit of a funny choice for a child’s bedroom but read on!

Often, we choose bright bold colours and designs for a child’s room, and there is nothing wrong with that at all, but these can sometimes be outgrown rather quickly. Children’s likes can change and fast and having to keep changing a room’s décor is neither cost effective or a practical option.

Grey wouldn’t instantly be the go to colour of choice by parents but it is actually a very practical option. It is safe to say, Grey goes with every colour. It gives a brilliant neutral backdrop, which allows you to use some real pops of colour with textiles, mural’s or wall coverings. The walls can stay the same shade for years either painted or a subtle wallpaper such as Barker & Barkers Lily Batik Wallpaper in Grey but can be given an update with a change in bedding, cushions, rugs all in different themes making the room grown with the child.

Lily batik grey

(Barker & Barker, Serenity Wallpaper, Lily Batik Grey)

For boys, grey can be mixed with bold reds and blues- think of the bold primary colours of Lego Bricks, cushions or racing cars murals, then as they grow older, replace the primary colours with bright neon shades of green or orange often used in graffiti to give a more modern twist.

Grey Boys Bedroom


For girls, grey can still be used as the base and often is used as a replacement to white, but mixed with shades of pinks, purples or yellows. As the child grows older, softer shades of pink can be replaced with bright pops of fuchsia or electric purples.

Grey Girls Bedroom

(Source: Unknown – via Pinterest)

If you wanted to use a theme in the room, this can still be achieved by incorporated using wall stickers and mural’s which are easily removed. Also, a very simple and cost effective trick is to frame a favorite poster, which can be changed.

Barker & Barker have recently launched their very own children’s collection, based on the story of a meerkat called Eddie Meer. The collection comprises of cushions and posters featuring the illustrations taken from the book ‘Eddie Meer & Barter in the Bush’. The cushions and posters can be used in the way previously mentioned. The cushions are on a grey background and feature small pops of colour (reds, blue, orange) making them really versatile and easy to co-ordinate with other colours in a bedroom or nursery.

Eddie Meer room

The posters can also be used to give a room an instant refresh and create a feature or theme to an other wise bare room.

KBB Jan 2016

Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms, January 2016

In the third feature in the January edition of the magazine, our Theoropda Wallpaper appears in the wallpaper focus section. The geometric design of this paper is very on trend at the moment, and in the ever popular grey & metalic colouring, it continues to keep the grey interior trend going well into 2016.

All of our Serenity Wallpapers can be found in the wallpaper category of our website