Are there specific hanging instructions for wallpapers?


Inspect each roll.

Before cutting and hanging our wallpapers ensure that all rolls have the same batch reference, are in good condition with no variation in shade and no other faults are present. Make sure you have enough rolls to complete the job!

Examination before hanging is your responsibility. No claim will be accepted after wallpapers have been cut and hung for defects that were apparent at the time of hanging.


Walls should be clean, dry and even. Old wallpaper and loose paint should be removed. Painted surfaces should be roughened with sandpaper. Absorbant surfaces should be prepared with an oil based primer. New plaster should be dry.

Be careful if there are high levels of alkaline in the walls and consider use of an alkaline resistant primer.

We always recommend you cross line the walls using a good quality lining paper

Pasting and Hanging

Our wallpapers are “paste the wall” products. Please paste the wall and not the paper. Use a Premium Quality Tub Adhesive which is solvent free and fungicide protected. Do not use self mix adhesives, all purpose adhesives or heavy duty pastes.

Paste will damage the surface of the wallpapers and we will not accept any responsibility for damage caused by paste.