Curtain Fabrics

Deciding on the type of curtains you choose depends on various factors, such as size of the space, orientation of the windows, i.e do they face north, south, east or west.  Does the space get lots of natural light or is it enhanced by artificial light sources.  Others factors include, how do you want the space to feel?  Light and airy or warm and cosy, whichever, will determine the type of fabric you use.  Colour is also and important factor to consider when choosing curtain fabric. Cotton and Linen fabric prints will give a softer feel while heavier velvets and weaves will make the space feel more luxurious.

Using paler colours on a north/east facing window will help to make the space feel brighter while on a south/west facing window you can use darker colours. It is always recommended a lining and interlining is used when making curtains. This will help to block out sunlight, especially if you use a blackout lining, and will help to keep in the heat. It will also make the curtains hang better for a more stylish professional look.

Using Silk as a window treatment will always make a space feel opulent.

Going back to colour as an important factor when choosing window treatments, It is always best to consider the size of the room and how the room will be used. Will a small room be able to take a bold dark colour? Will cool blues make the room feel cold and un-inviting. General rule of thumb is that colour evokes different emotions for different people. So Green is calming and restful. White and Blue are cool, expansive, airy and can be challenging to live with. Yellow and creams are warming and positive, while Red is emotional and evocative and gives a sense of passion.

Lighter curtain fabrics such as lace, linen and sheer cotton can look graceful and pretty when compared to heavier fabrics. They let in light and while they may not be best suited for use in a bedroom to block out light they will help to give privacy during the day. They can also be used to add style and grace to a room. Delicate lace, for example, will enhance a period property while modern sheers will compliment a more contemporary space.

Whatever fabric you use for curtains or blinds be absolutely 100% that you love the fabric you choose as it can be a very costly mistake. Also remember that whatever fabric you choose sunlight will fade fabric over a period of time.

If in doubt, research is the key. Good Luck!!